- this was a future planning hack I created in March which I've called the calendar wheel. I was inspired by something similar I found on the Moleskine website a few years back and wanted to give it my spin. I love mind mapping and my brain functions visually so this was something I toyed with and worked well. I basically wrote down all events, appointments, birthdays and connected them to the corresponding date/day on the wheel. Thinking of doing again for July and possibly selling some blank ones in my Etsy store. Hmmm, now to find the time to actually do it hahaha hope everyone is having a fab start to their week! 😄💕 UPDATE: for those wondering, this was hand drawn by me using mathematical instruments 😁 all my etsy products are hand drawn #bulletjournal #bulletjournaljunkies #midoritravelersnotebook #plannerd #planning #calendar #handwriting #writing #mindmap #notes #notebookaddict #stationery #journal #journaling #wearebujo #calendarwheel
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