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  • charronamaWatching #brittnicole live at #freedomfestjax she is by far the best singer I've ever heard!!

  • bsflynn23Brit is awesome by herself, but even better when she teams up with TobyMac and Hollyn!!
  • brittnicoleglowShe is phenomenal! 😍
  • munchkintaneousShe's the best 😍 I so wish I could have been there. Did you record everything she sang/said? Someone told me she mentioned me during the show and I'm trying to find someone who took a video of it
  • charronama@munchkintaneous she did mention you! I'm very proud of you. I didn't record much because my camera was full, but I'll ask the other ladies in my group if they did. She was very proud of you and was thankful that her music helped you too!
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