• craftivists💌 #Craftivism kits & @storeforthemind tins heading to homes in the UK ordered yesterday 💚 Don't despair, don't get angry, join in some positive, gentle activism especially if you're feeling emotionally drained, vulnerable & need to find hope to keep striving to #BeTheChange ✂️ These lovelies have 👉🏼 Craftivist-collective.com 😘

  • milligan_designPerfect advice for today. Thank you @craftivists for the words of encouragement 😊💕
  • aushopukThank you for always steering us in the right direction.
  • craftivistsTrying to steer myself as much as everyone else @aushopuk - hope you're well ✌🏻️💚
  • craftivistsGlad they could help @milligan_dolls 😊✂️
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