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  • targetSay hello to #CatAndJack, kids' clothing with an imagination of its own. Only at yours truly. Psst... every look comes with a one-year guarantee. Pinky swear. Shop the collection in our profile link.

  • maya.the.dancer6Target clothes are plastic
  • gio_sanchez117I have a cat and Jack sweater
  • oliverandlexiAbsolutely love the baby clothing line. Super adorable, affordable. This is why I love you Target. ❤
  • rob_and_v_I am so disappointed with the Cat & Jack school uniform collection 😞 . It's barely September and the blue and red shirts have already faded not to mention the collar that looks worn out. 😕 @target
  • catietreacyyI wear one everyday to school since August mine is still bright! Try a new brightening laundry detergent when u get a new shirt @rob_and_v_
  • rob_and_v_Exactly @laja320 I usually buy good quality clothes for my boys so I definitely know the difference. I miss the Cherokee brand. My son still wears the Cherokee uniform shirts from last year. They still look great!
  • ca_ainsleykaleI love the company😄My mom bought me the CUTE Halloween T-shirt for school before Halloween@catandjack#cute
  • mikej_lopezNotice me
  • minimebestiesOne year guarantee includes what? Wear and tear or shrinkage?
  • growingupgladDoes Cat and Jack have an official IG page?
  • mackenzie._.1012._I miss Cherokee I loved their clothes
  • thebaileyraeshowAbsolutely love the Cat and Jack line!! :)
  • edisabelleI love this line!!! Earlier this year i met my littlest cousin Kyara, she's 4, and my grandma takes care of her. Her mother is a drug addict and her dad, my uncle works a lot and barely makes end meet, so Kyara, the day i saw her, hadn't showered in a few days, she was wearing very old baby clothes that barely fit her, and they were hand-me-downs, my grandma buys her second hand clothes that are not so bad, but everytime she comes back from visiting her mom, she comes back empty handed, they take her clothes and send her back literally, wearing rags.. so when i heard all this and actually saw it, it broke my heart, around april this year. so i told my granma that i would save money and buy her lots of clothes so that she could wear something of her own for the first time, something purchased just for her and that would actually fit her. So about a month ago, i finally had enough money to bless this little girl with one basic need: clothing. I purchased pretty much everything from this line, including accessories, stockings, shoes, boots, tennies, socks, purses, pants, shirts, EVERYTHING for little Kyara. I used cartwheel from target and saved a lot, and i also got her a really nice watermelon 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner, kids bodywash, the mini wetbrush, hair ties, mini bobby pins, mini hair ties, lotion, princess tooth brush and tooth paste, eos hand lotion and lip balm... everything i could think of.. with the discounts and all, it was about 800 dlls total, the real value was well over 1000 dlls... and i took it all to my grandma's house, and even though i didn't get to see her when she found out and saw all her cute things that were just for her, they did manage to call me because she was very happy, she had never had anything new, even the old worn clothes that she would wear weren't even hers (her mom has many other children and she just puts anything on them).. well a week passed and i was finally able to go visit Kyara at my grandma's house and they had put away all her clothes so i would style and dress her properly when I'd get there. When my uncle directed me to where her things were, we were all very excited, but somebody had been to the house and
  • edisabelleStole almost everything!, i had gotten her 14 pairs of shoes, countless shirts and leggings and jeans... there were only one pair of jeans left, one pair of leggings, 4 pairs of shoes, and two coats that my uncle had hung in his closet. I was so sad and angry, i could not believe how people could be so mean and thoughtless... i was very upset and discouraged but i didn't want little Kyara to be sad and it wasn't fair to her, whoever did this knew thay she had never had anything. So I decided to not be intimidated by this, i am now just going to be extra cautious and put everything under lock. I already started buying her more clothes, I've got about 400 dlls worth of clothes more for her, from this brand Cat & Jack which I loved, because this girl literally had NOTHING, and one negative incident is not going to stop me from doing the right thing, this little girl deserves this blessing of beautiful, new and quality clothes, and I am not going to give up. Little by little, she'll have the whole collection whether others like it or not. I don't know what to say about all this but in the end, litte Kyara will be blessed because she is not alone ♡ #cat&jack #catandjack #target #cutest #cutekidsclothes
  • edisabelle@target ^^^^^^^
  • sunshinebaby3586I love this stuff! It's all so cute thank you
  • designsbyjlz@target cat &jack - ROCKS!!!!!!!
  • target@designsbyjlz You took the words right out of our mouth! We love #CatAndJack!
  • cliniquefreakPlease make the arty shirts in adult sizes for art teachers. I love them.
  • doms_styleLove this line!! We have tons of pieces. Does cat & jack have their own ig page??? I can't find an official one. We would love to tag the page in our gear 😊❤️ @target
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