Apparently weather is looking good, so went out to pick this up. From 12 year old Galician blond. Hung for 60 days. Nice marbling I think.
  • londoneaterApparently weather is looking good, so went out to pick this up. From 12 year old Galician blond. Hung for 60 days. Nice marbling I think.

  • degs123Looks amazing. Where did you get it from?
  • londoneater@degs123 Turner and George in Selfridges
  • londontastinBeautiful!
  • londoneater@londontastin ya really good... Hope I don't mess it up on the grill, very nervous lol
  • londoneater@foodiecollection 😋
  • ben10tanWow nice dude
  • londoneater@ben10tan if you were in my house now, half for you
  • ludopwyummy!!!!!!
  • sam_bubebubeLovely steak, is it from turner and george? I noted they have recently introduce some cuts from ex diary cow too, yet to try them
  • londoneater@sam_bubebube Yup T&G. I usually order online from them. Sometimes I pick up from Selfridges. If I'm not mistaken, T&G's Galician Blonds are through a deal with Nemanja. Not sure if they do Simmenthal actually. Not see that from them. From their website, they have a 60 day aged rump -- that's incredible
  • platymus12 months right? Not years!
  • londoneater@platymus nope, 12 years :) These are the 'old cows' which they serve in Spain, and which London is frothing over in past couple of years. Because its older beef, its a little chewy, but it has bags of flavour and better marbling, and can benefit from a longer dry age. I still however prefer prime USDA. sweeter and tenderer :)
  • londoneater@platymus this cow was born on 21-09-2004, 374kg and slaughtered in April this year
  • sam_bubebube@londoneater thanks for the recommendation! Will try the aged rump on my next order. 👍
  • londoneater@sam_bubebube cool, lemme know how it goes, tag me in your pic when you cook it !
  • platymus@londoneater oh wow! My family are beef (and dairy) farmers and that trend had totally passed me by! Yes prime USDA has always been a favourite of mine too. We have American friends who work on a US Airforce base in the UK and they have served it many times. However I feel it's too good to be true! I.e there's something nefarious going on to make it so tender compared to all of ours.
  • londoneater@platymus yes I rmb Mark saying to me about your family farm, hence I drop the birth date there :) yeah I think same as well with Prime, there is something artificial about the tastiness over there, I guess it's verging on unhealthy cattles to get it sweet and fatty like that... But still so tasty though..
  • platymus@londoneater ah of course! I like the idea of older tastier beef though, I love mutton for the same reason, so will have to see if I can get hold of some. Thanks for the tip!
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