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  • myaeonbigWe’ve got Fresh Produce of The Week special offers coming up this weekend, and you’ve gotta catch ‘em all! Only at AEON BiG! #pokémongo

  • maxdtonny😁😂😁😂😁
  • sakura_bridalgambar yg menarik
  • ngangel91Awesome
  • mooly2244I have bought cooker on 7-10-2016 from AEON BIG on Alamanda shopping center(Putrajaya) and I have came at the next day to replace the cooker because the glass cover was not heatproof and explosion  and the cooker when I had started it there is sound like electric shock but there are tow Malaysian  Indian  employers a man and  a woman working in the electric  who they treated me so badly and  lied to me they said we will replaced the cooker but actually they didn’t , they take my cooker and returned to me the same cooker as they give a  new one  and said we changed for you although they did not ,also they tried took the warranty from and they didn’t returned to me until I they must returned to me, also the don’t believed me when I told them that the glass cover broken when I but it on the cooker the woman say to me you are ling although I have video  prove and she give me wrong  information about the product .
    I cant believe all this things happened to me on AEON BIG .

    That cooker wasn’t expensive  but I am  upset about those employees behaver with me they giving wrong idea about AEON BIG and making loss customers
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