• rebecca.jacobsI may look put together now, but my story is not.
    For as long as I can remember, my closet spilled out past its walls to 3 dressers, a clothing rack, and countless storage bins. And how I felt about my appearance—how I felt about myself? That was as far reaching as all those clothes—good one moment and terribly insecure the next.
    I wasn't good enough; I bought a new dress. I wasn't special enough; I thrifted a vintage piece.
    And more days than not, I stood amongst a pile of clothes I'd tried on and thrown back off that morning and concluded I had nothing I could wear. I knew the power of personal style, but I didn't know how to get from where I was to where I wanted to be.
    It didn't happen overnight, but I transitioned from impulsive to intentional. From hiding to being seen.
    I found that better way. And I want to tell you, that if you're where I was, know it's out there for you too. Edit your closet with a heavy hand, work with a personal stylist, spend some time really dissecting your Pinterest boards. Effortless confidence can be waiting on the other side. #stepintoyourstyle

  • rebecca.jacobsI think you are wonderful! And yes I've been getting better at getting it trimmed regularly 😉 @dearleannarose
  • rebecca.jacobs😘❤️ thanks for inspiring me! @nurtureretreats
  • chocoshelReally great skirt😍💙
  • rebecca.jacobsThank you! I love it too! @chocoshel Full skirts are my go-to ☺️
  • houseofillusionsLove the bow detailing on your skirt! 💙
  • rebecca.jacobsAh thank you! I love it too 😉 @houseofillusions
  • juvelynmSo cute! 😍💕
  • millascrossingSo beautiful 💕
  • shentyrana615Lovely smile
  • rebecca.jacobsI think you're pretty cute! @_jsmarquez ☺️
  • rebecca.jacobsYOU are beautiful! @millascrossing
  • rebecca.jacobsAw you're making me blush ☺️ @shentyrana615
  • shentyrana615Yes @rebecca.jacobs ur smile really lovely
  • simply_hannah.joyThis photo. This outfit. You. 😍😍😍
  • amykathwillsLove this skirt!
  • gracefulgallimaufryLove this ❤️❤️
  • wendicurtisphotoWow! Your past is how I feel now!! Would love to work into a style that fits my age/life/job/body so I can fell more confident. #goals
  • cftoeatoncentreA beautiful story and a beautiful look. Thanks for sharing! #TorontoStyle
  • rebecca.jacobsOh Wendi you can get there! It's less about getting yourself into a style and more about drawing your style out! @wendicurtisphoto Because YOu are already stylish!
  • wendicurtisphotoYou are so kind @rebecca.jacobs 💕
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