So happy to find #vegan donuts in Brighton 🍩🍩👀 #veganbrighton #whatveganseat #sugarhigh #veganjunkfood #yum
  • lizziehendySo happy to find #vegan donuts in Brighton 🍩🍩👀 #veganbrighton #whatveganseat #sugarhigh #veganjunkfood #yum

  • jenniamsI'm going in a couple of weeks. GETTING THESE! 😻🍩 I'm glued to your IG right now 💘
  • livingthecosmicdreamWhat's that black stuff?
  • lizziehendyYAS @jenniams definitely go here, they were so good! This place is quite close to the station. I'm so full right now! Get the stuffed crust pizza at Purezza too!!
  • lizziehendy@greennaturalista it's crushed oreo cookie 😊 the other ones are strawberry and peanut butter flavour 👌
  • jenniamsThank you my lovely 😊 also want the ice cream! (And the v bites meal!!) gah I want it all! 😻😻😻🌿
  • livingthecosmicdreamInteresting flavour, there(definitely a BrightON thing:-)no longer consume doughnuts 🍩 as there a massive trigger binge food for this individual but glad you having fun 🎉 enjoying the lovely Brighton chilled vibes(thank-you:)!🎉 🎈🌈🌈🌌🌌😍😊🌌🌌✨✨💖
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