Today's the day to finish my basting - and watch this new DVD.  An excellent start to the weekend!!
  • gaylebrindleyToday's the day to finish my basting - and watch this new DVD. An excellent start to the weekend!!

  • occasionalpiecequiltYou are my appliqué hero, so it's fun to see you also have appliqué heroes!
  • hnijaI have enjoyed watching you put this together. I think I will be sad to see it done.
  • gaylebrindley@hnija Ha! It will be a LONG time until this one is done, still. There are probably several months of quilting to be done, then Irene @focusonquilts will be back to teach another class and off we'll go on another applique adventure. ❤️
  • gaylebrindley@nickyeglinton @fixer_of_old_quilts I thoroughly enjoyed her DVD. The 'advanced' techniques were mostly fancy embellishments: rusching, inking, embroidery. She scattered some tips throughout that were particularly interesting. But I am dismayed to find that my applique stitch length is equal to her giant basting stitch. 😂😂
  • gaylebrindley@occasionalpiecequilt ha! See my comment above. I have a long way to go and lots to learn. One of her blocks reminded me of the Chuck block with all those super tiny leaves. She needle turn appliquéd her bitsy leaves with no effort whatsoever. I may have to watch and rewards that section until it sinks in. And maybe order her beginning applique DVD!!
  • archiewonderdogI really need to make an all appliqué quilt! #inspired
  • gaylebrindley@archiewonderdog You really should, Helen. Such a rewarding project. Extremely long therm, though, but I know you have the stick-to-it spirit!
  • archiewonderdogI think stubborn is the word you're looking for ;o) And thank you! I've been thinking about making one for a few years now and your photos have given me a kick up the backside! May do some sketching tonight #cantdrawfortoffee
  • gaylebrindley@archiewonderdog Yay! Look forward to seeing what you come up with. I've just been pulling fabrics for a new appliqué quilt and am getting all excited over here.
  • archiewonderdogThe mosaics quilt? Looking forward to seeing your fabric choices!
  • deb_trailThis quilt is amazing Gayle. Definitely a work of patience
  • blossomandbevGosh I love that!!!
  • gaylebrindley@archiewonderdog Yes, Mosaics. I think I have settled on a chocolate brown background and am working on fabrics for the bird and his surrounding wreath.
  • gaylebrindley@deb_trail Thanks, Deb! Are you home from your latest adventure?
  • gaylebrindley@blossomandbev Thank you!!
  • deb_trailGot home a few hours ago Gayle. It's nice to be home
  • archiewonderdogSounds great!
  • kmcpeakeBeautiful block and I love the colors.
  • focusonquiltsI hope its all finished by the time i get there!! @gaylebrindley
  • gaylebrindley@focusonquilts You and me both! Got a start on it this morning and it's going to be a wonderful but slow process. 👍
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