Behind-the-scenes my live with Florida's Governor, Rick Scott.
  • kilmeadeBehind-the-scenes my live with Florida's Governor, Rick Scott.

  • inezaragonWe love our home state of Florida ❤️
  • aprilvaldes12You were glistening a bit ☺️but still looking great! Thanks for making the trip down here 😀
  • torjorannaclai love Rick Scott. Wish he was NY's governor.
  • miche_hawkGod Bless Gov. Scott. ❤️
  • lamcgheeExcellent coverage. Well done.
  • jamiequeenmimiGod bless Governor Rick Scott. He has a very tough state to Govern.
  • cdonnellyeioExcellent reporting done out of studio...
  • maddys_dad1Brian,
  • maddys_dad1Brian, just wanted to say that your coverage of Orlando shooting couldn't have been better. Best moment on television was when you, Bill Hemmer and Geraldo were together discussing incident. Love the real passion and anger expressed over the situation! Great TV!! @kilmeade
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