#tbt ~ Rollout of the #GMPiWall @ozartsnashville exactly one year ago. 📺 It is a video wall comprised of 12 antique televisions retro-fit with LCD displays and 12 #RaspberryPi computers plus 1 #RPi Media Player {and the only permanent installation at OZ}. It has taken this long to work out the bugs and to make it stable and user-friendly. The long-term plan has been to make it interactive, and I'm pleased to say that it will be by the #OZArtsFest next Tuesday, June 21-25, where we will launch #OZPodButtons. This will give the public control over segments of content for this event, but the infrastructure may be used for future interactivity--basically, whatever we can dream up! ☁️ I appreciate the folks at OZ and the long list of collaborators who have made this possible!
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