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AWAKE is a concept album which begins with a burial at sea and ends with an ascension into a higher being. The album tells the story through the perspective of the one being buried, and the listener is musically guided through the emotions and memories of the subject as you descend to the bottom of the deepest part of the ocean. @metalsucksofficial @metal_injection @metalbladerecords @metalassault @decibelmagazine @postrockdiscovery @postrock_aficionado @nwpostrockcollective @swprcollective  @cvltnation @thelambgoat @movingstructures @aaronharris23  @finnvoxstudios  @thekatvond  @thinnercolder  @artofkevinlewis  @eroomasemaj  @heavyblogisheavy  #BurialAtSea #PostRock #Instrumental #RecordRelease
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