Focus. Don't get ⛽.
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  • manifestiveFocus. Don't get ⛽.
    📷 @bobpixel

  • tillycuteU ma best rapper eva
  • _new.breedSark is spending his bdae 😹😹😹
  • jahhmaineMa nigga u jux the a dey your back lyk school bag
  • ellen2117Kanta on my mind
  • geek_gon_crazyMdot for real🙌🙌👌
  • enamampimMani for real
  • alfierockI in your letter to sark You sounded very mean And hypocritical. U mentioned Just a few Good things about him But mentioned an ocean of flaws Just Make him sound inferior.. But Tell me,If he Was as bad a rapper as You Make It sound then why Is he being showered With Those very enviable awards? U said he brought kanta cos he Was impersonally frustrated by your godmc thing...But Tell me,If You were Not frustrated by His Bossy then why Did You come out With godmc flaunting unkind words on him????in My candid opinion, The fight You Have started Is like chasing The wind....If You think You Are digging a pit for him to fall into, then Am Sorry he's already down So he fears No fall At all. Mind your business And strive hard to build an enviable legacy like he has built..Or Just be Where You Are And enjoy You gtp fashion line..(Nice on You though) .....#Bossy Is too can't be quenched by your cheap debate
  • j.wusuofficialNigga u are not matured u don't know what u are saying hehe you wrote a letter on his page ,u think m Dot cares about what u think about him?? If u don't like him get the fuck of his page @alfierock
  • alfierocklook At The matured guy sounding like a toddler... Am Not even His follower... This Is an Interactive medium And So I can come in And share My view...anyway who Are You to even judge who Is mature And otherwise????? Monday your own business.. Am talking The godmc And Not some unknown savage And a shallow thicker like You...learn to industry your damn business @j.wusuofficial
  • alfierock*mind @j.wusuofficial
  • j.wusuofficialMonday your own Bussiness?? Hehehe is that what you said?? U just talk as if u don't have sense all of Manifest's accomplishment u can't even achieve one,U r a FOOL in capital letters don't type anything type ,bc d reply I will give u later will be Greater 😜😆@alfierock
  • alfierockDo Not answer a fool according to His folly Or else You become like him yourself.. ...I won't mind You..How old Are u anyway cos You sound like This days When We used to tease people With their mistakes..Oh I know u Are one of those sycophants who can't Tell their masters The truth.. here We Are debating on m.anifest And obidi And You Are talking about My personal achievements.. wagyimi ruff @j.wusuofficial ..Let The later be greater ...
  • j.wusuofficialHehehe u are just like sark u are taking it too personal😂 @alfierock
  • phyllyschase10Manifest is too mature for sark.check the punch lines.Ghanaians hate reading so the say u ve to get dictionary to understand ....... Manifest
  • davidcrankson31Dat sonf get sense papaa.shout out to manifest
  • phyllyschase10Say that again dear
  • sway__jnrWho is coming. .We ready mahn....Godmc..#team fest
  • side_chic_24gussh u handsome
  • machiaveli01Yoo boss Adey feel ur style
  • tizanimaliBoss of d bosses
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