• wis_gI really love the lines and curves of this pattern piece!
    #pdfpattern #therushcutter #isew #iglue #sewcialists

  • ceramic67That pattern keeps cropping up but I have such a long queue before I can have a go. @wis_g
  • mini.adventureMe too! I just need to decide on a fabric for it. Looking forward to seeing your version xx
  • jeskagoldfoxDid you see that she just released a free pattern with Peppermint Mag too? Her designs are unconventional and unlike anything else anyone is putting out right now, excited to see your version!
  • wis_g@jeskagoldfox I'm going to check that pattern. Thanks for mentioning!
  • sewingwithkate@jeskagoldfox @wis_g - I agree! I just made the Peppermint sweater dress she designed, it's awesome!
  • clayhenCan't wait to see your version.
  • laststitchI too am intrigued by this pattern and even more so now that you have shown a pattern piece!
  • inthefoldsI was so happy when I saw this post! Love that you appreciate the shape of the pattern piece @wis_g 😊 Happy sewing! Can't wait to see your Rushcutter!
  • inthefoldsWhat beautiful words @jeskagoldfox Thank you 😊 That's exactly what I'm trying to do with my patterns, so I'm so pleased to hear that it shows!
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