• fuel4thebodyA Genuine woman w/ trust issues isn't crazy, smart mouth, guarded or over emotional. She's just been thru so much pain. #EbrahimAseem

    You don't know if growing up mom treated her like crap & put men over her. #EbrahimAseem Parents never acknowledging all she did, never showing unconditional love, always putting her down, calling her names. Court her, propose & tell her this

    You're my dream come true. Where would I be w/o you? I love you more than lungs love breathing air. Not just b/c all you do, give & share. #EbrahimAseem You promote my growth. The love I have for myselfmatters to you most.

    You are the only woman I want to wake up to. Take on a date. Go for a walk w/ by the lake. #EbrahimAseem The only one who can arouse my mind, & throb my head. The only one I want to devour in bed. You’re the only one I can be goofy w/, sing along to 90s R&B w/ as we ride in the car. #EbrahimAseem Even if we’re driving nowhere. Because w/o you in my future, I’m going nowhere. You’re the best woman for me by far.

    You make a hood man want to be a good man. You make the waves of my heart kiss the soft sand of your embrace. Make no mistake. I know your past is filled w/ hurt, sadness, pain & broken trust. #EbrahimAseem But for only you, Im willing to endure all pain, destroy all your demons, break down every wall that houses your trust issues, b/c only you mean that much.

    I want my daughter to be as beautiful as you inside & out, & as kind & nurturing as you are to me. I want my son to be born & raised by you, so he will grow up knowing how to attract a queen like you. #EbrahimAseem Thank you for sticking by me thru arguments & mistakes. I'll never turn away. No one can take your place. #EbrahimAseem

    I want trips overseas w/ you. To get on one knee for you. To spiritually grow w/ only you. I want my consistency to circle your heart, like the ring I'll place on your finger. #EbrahimAseem I want to kiss you, my future bride, with tears in eyes, look you deep in your eyes & say, “I do”, to only you. I love you. & I want you to daily uplift you, so you'll always love you too. #EbrahimAseem Speaking this to 250 college men today! #12YearMaleMentor
    Booking: AEAseem@gmail.com

  • candycoatedaquababy@fuel4thebody Just beautiful!! ❤️❤️ Amazing words I want to hear one day! 😉😍 #TrulyGifted 🙌🏾🙌🏾👏🏾
  • dchinierThese words are The truth!!! Yeeessss!!!!
  • pixaoSpeaking faith into me @fuel4thebody thank you 🙏🏾❤️
  • vateshabAbsolutely BEAUTIFUL words! @fuel4thebody
  • aquafa@Defash_10
  • adallumWish more were like you. @fuel4thebody ..❤❤❤
  • unapologeticly_feLol your freckles are so cute don't let anyone tell you otherwise! Wish more of humanity was like you! Your parents did an awesome job!!!
  • dreamyeyez01❤️❤️❤️ that was beautiful...
  • a_queen47😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
  • just_a_girl771Always so nice to read your post
  • bcande57Very fine specimen 💯💋❤️❤️💕
  • fxvii_This is so beautiful it left tears in my eyes , thank you for keeping hope of true love alive ✊🏾@fuel4thebody
  • binti_dramani❤️👏🏾 @pcbrahman take notes 😉
  • caramelveganprincess_1202Handsome!
  • uniquesiahCheck out the words of this page @karenbela
  • karenbelaThank you so much. Creatively awesome @uniquesiah
  • alkebulan_bespoke_by_god_1I always knew men like existed somewhere.. I'm glad I still believe and am still willing to wait. .thank u
  • wp_jav12❤ this!
  • pimientaeliseI'm single by choice and because I believe in waiting for a real, respectful, honest, supportive, spiritual man who is willing to give and receive as much love as I do.
  • pimientaeliseBeautiful
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