• axelbells👍🏻👍🏻
  • ran_camachoNice video with your visual approaches and ideas!
  • temperiThat's cool! What is it?
  • oneofakidSeems like a rained on window during a sunset
  • nickfortneyVibes.
  • nates_picturesMarvelous
  • samuelwsansoHiding in a neat minimalistic palace while everything on the outside tumbles down. You cannot go out, there is no door, just a plane of glass which conforts and torments you, you are useless, but feel comfortable, you are powerful and control everything within, even if the outside is raining down.
  • pedrosalinasperfect
  • h.shekhasanylighting?
  • smh_rzdI have learned a lot from your videos and posts, thank you so much :-)
  • ctzen_@cadevisuals What's it?
  • temperi@kristian_marsh follow this guy. He takes good pictures with his iphone... Most of the time. Also didn't you say you're into film making? He also has a YouTube channel on that.
  • mk4_bishE @temperi alright I will check him out thanks!
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