I had to look up which day it is todsy to be able to go and say: HAPPY TUESDAY! 🙌🌟 that's my exam-fried brain for y'all 😂
Anyhoo! I'm sitting here eating my toast while I reminisce about this bowl of heaven which I had some time ago. Rainbow food for da win! ✨🌈💕 Can't wait to be free in a couple of days and go back to eating pretty stuff 🙊🙊
In case you're curious that on the boel would be a hand pie, charred brussels sprouts and potatoes, fresh fruit and veggies, beet apple juice and some hazelnut choc cream tarts all vegan yasss 😍😍😍
I'm now back to my books since there are still 4 exams to take (in a week, yes I might die 😔). Got some good news today though so that's something!! 🎉
I hope you pals are well!!!! 💕💕 #vegan
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