We both need a manicure
  • itsjuliebowenWe both need a manicure
  • seciliatus😁❤️
  • purvaphadke@yashkumar95
  • gwendolen027That looks soooo cool
  • nick896Cutieee
  • modernfamilyultimateSuper cute❤😘😘😘
  • _karinadelurgio_So amazing I love modern family
  • jazzgreat1I bet the lizard did wonderful things to your sweater.
  • chinster212I can't imagine Claire as being anyone else other than Claire !! Not even Julie Bowen. NO. To me, Claire is the real person. Julie is not 😭
  • j3llyb3an0322@starliight78 what kind of little animal is this????
  • starliight78@j3llyb3an0322 it's a tegu
  • j3llyb3an0322What in the snowballz (ballz) lol is a tegu???????@starliight78
  • quinnlenagomezmom please check that group that I added you on DM I need your help please😢💔💔 help me I need you. I know you can help me. please check it.❤😭 @sofiavergara @arielwinter @therealsarahhyland 😭 help me @itsjuliebowen
  • drontopronto1@itsjuliebowen Hello dear and beloved Julie Bowen! Writes You a man from Russia, Moscow. My name is Ivan. You will probably shocked by this letter. I want to apologize for the writing style, I very badly know English and I write through online translator. I'll start in order... You are beautiful! Your beauty, elegance and grace knows no bounds... I was raised in an orphanage, or a shelter, and in 1997 saw the movie Happy Gilmore. And just fell in love with You at first sight. In your tenderness, Your deep and fabulous eyes...You became my first love. Time passed, 20 years. I became a different person. I was married, but during family life Your portrait has always been secretly hidden from me and when the wife was I often looked at him and admired You. Now I very seriously ill, I have cancer. I'm rarely home, between courses of chemotherapy. But I remember You. And yesterday watched the movie Happy Gilmore. And I thought to take a risk, to write to You. Suddenly will take and You will notice it? You probably always write fans, you know, and in this area of the globe like Moscow, You love. I don't know if will get out from the hospital completely, or my story called life ends here, but I really want to ask You, if You read, please send me your autograph on the picture. It is the best and nice gift for me, and will not be sad in the hospital. We have the Post of Russia, if You have the opportunity (I understand You have children, the filming, the family and so very sorry), I can send You the address. But in any case, Your answer is cosmically me happy. My mail dronovivan@bk.ru. I'll post this letter to multiple photos that You just saw. Thank You for what You have! I wish You happiness, love and health! With love, Ivan, from Moscow!
  • lucianyl😍
  • kaceyroyerI would love to send you a customized piece of jewelry from my Found Wanderer collection! 🔅🍂💛 @itsjuliebowen
  • lauravmay@masl.mcfly
  • jordan_clark______Awww but he's so cute
  • arianrhod11_Ugly
  • sarahandroyceYou look like 70 years old here
  • hugocajiao@itsjuliebowen Como tu no hay dos. Eres excelente actriz!
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