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  • scarumPart 13 of the Heroes For Ghosts Director's Commentary! 5 years ago I shot a #musicvideo (or more accurately a #short #film) in #Norway for @thegatheringband with their singer Silje. The video was for #HeroesForGhosts, off their new album #Disclosure. We shot everything in just 4 days.
    To mark the 5th anniversary of the video I decided to do a #DirectorsCommentary. Full #video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6m-zhD8Qh9w #dslr #filmmaking #director @knarfd50 @rrutten
    Here is the last #episode of the Director’s Commentary. I had a lot of fun reliving that amazing time in Norway with @siljewer, @lilletvedten & @maraisn, our amazing #producer.
    The last of the clouds merge with a road at night. Silje has made her escape & it’s been a long day driving. I decided to #bookend the #story, because we started #InMediasRes, in the middle of the story. Silje’s #journey is then shown in what essentially are #flashbacks. It also works very well with the #lyrics. “I feel the past, I always look backwards”, the last words as she’s driving away, I interpreted those words as a description of who she used to be, before her decision to put herself first.
    The floating balls of light that drift past as she drives into the night were a lucky coincidence. I was in the passenger seat #filming some #bRoll, playing with the focus as the streetlights turned into luminescent orbs that drifted upward. In the #edit I emphasized these by adding a #ghosting #effect to them. It gave a dreamy look to the start & end of the video.
    The very last image as Silje sighs “I always look backwards” are 2 of these light orbs coming into #focus & becoming the headlights of a car driving past us. #Imagine that there is another person in the oncoming car with their own story, their own little universe of experiences, feelings & thoughts, whom we might get to know, or maybe never will. To me it represents at once the infinite possibilities of life, & the deep melancholy of the understanding of how much we will never know or experience.
    Thank you Silje, Mads, Maria, Bjaarstad family, Rene, Hans, Marjolein, Frank, Marko, Joe & John for helping me bring this #vision to life! Thank you for watching!😊

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