#Warcraft has reached 1 Billion RMB in China today! Congrats to: #legendaryeast #legendary #universal Gul'dan is very happy.
  • thatdanielwu#Warcraft has reached 1 Billion RMB in China today! Congrats to: #legendaryeast #legendary #universal Gul'dan is very happy.

  • kentinvinIf Gul'dan is happy that means he need more souls right?
  • sandyshenishereCongratulations
  • sevencyan_没有玩过魔兽 单纯是完为了看你而去❤可惜镜头不太多😫
  • tiamossim恭喜
  • roxanne_xy@joshualim63 this one
  • joshualim63Wah hahhaha @roxanne_xy
  • freya5151but Guldan too ugly…
  • sanfaris86古尔丹作为一个术士肉搏可以干掉那么厉害的战士杜隆坦,情节让我不可思议
  • jackgaox古尔丹戏份很重
  • olivia_cyyyyy我跟我朋友去看的,他们死活不信你演的古尔丹😂😂😂
  • that_incredible_isaacHey, man. I love your voice of Gul'dan, very vigorous, charming, and wonderful expression of an appealing evil.
  • cweiyu会吸精大法的接生婆,小吴你可以的!👍
  • lesliechen92@shuaiyonghui 😄
  • artist.lov3kisskiss如果杜隆坦到最后没有被古尔丹杀死的话,可能杜隆坦的结局会活到最后的。。。
  • finnkeI told my wife @thatdanielwu is in the Warcraft movie, she's like"😍😍😍😍😍😍". Then😕😓😟😵😨😤🙅
  • in2umylove@sanfaris86 恶魔术 哈哈哈
  • in2umyloveU will be my hero cuz I am a warlock😏
  • lyyf_davidmy girlfriend and I are your fans,love u very much ,love warriors because of u,love 古尔丹 becauseof u,your fans from Shanghai
  • cutelin94Hahaaa.honestly speaking,I can't figure u out from so many gaint awful monsters.u r a big challenger .like u .
  • vanessapscheungSorry, Daniel, I was very curious to ask. Do you really play this role of Gul'dan (I mean you need to shoot), or just need dubs? I cannot find related stories, that's why I am stupid to ask you directly, forgive me. Whether such as Benedict's Smaug in the hobbit? BTW, I love this movie.
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