• felipolisReally like your YouTube channel!! Great work!!
  • kieran__wayHelp me with how to make the music fit in with your scene please
  • all_by_lucaG8 M8
  • adams_visualsYou inspire me.
  • marimbamauriceAstounding! Greaz picture, I love the lightinh
  • kt365plusWatched your video on why filmmakers shoukd also learn photography a few days ago and decided to accept your challenge of taking one pic per day. I've done my first Project 365 a few years ago and have been reluctant to start another season with loads of excuses. Thanks for inspiring me!
  • jef.sunCreepy
  • jonah_ogrady666 likes
  • h.shekhasanyhorror movie!
  • natetecotzkySimon! I've been subscribed to you on YouTube for probably more than a year and I continue loving your work. You know you're a great teacher, as well as an inspiration. I love the genuineness of what you do, and I think that you realize that knowing the processes and techniques in filmmaking is vital, however the story and message is the most important aspect of film. Keep up the great work and insights, and I hope you continue to find happiness in your endeavors.
  • agnekransLike your Channel 🎬
  • justinsnotokIm in the pre production phase of my first film and im really concerned about planning and organizing people. Skeleton crew and a few actors. Any advice?
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