• badlandsnpsThe #InternationalSpaceStation in a constant free fall above above the aurora borealis. #BadlandsNPS rates between a 1 and 2 on the Bortle Night Sky Scale. Making it an endangered environment in the era of light pollution. #FindYourPark #darkskies

  • beutahful0310This is amazing
  • vanilla.rice@the_stranger
  • guitar_smiling_aroundtheworldHad a great time at the Badlands. Be back soon :)
  • myneighborhasadogI'm currently living in Watford city north Dakota working for an engineering company, I take alot of long exposures of the @iss. What are my chances of seeing the Aurora borealis here? I'm 14 Miles from the Theodore National Park. Northern entrance
  • cbuny66Cool shot.. Light pollution sucks! 😁😁✌🏻️
  • bobcraigprints@totallyvoidofhate It has been many years since I've been through Watford City or in Northwest North Dakota and wondered if the oil industry has destroyed that part of that state. I always loved both units of TR National park and the northern unit is one of my favorites. I hope it didn't get ruined.
  • claire_bear_326Wow!!! That is amazing!
  • madkj84We're in the Badlands and watched the ISS go over too!
  • myneighborhasadogBob, I've only been here in Watford city for about a month. I design pipelines and compressor stations. I haven't really had a chance to see if anything has been destroyed. I know when the rigs start to frac is never good though. On my off time, I go hike through the badlands which is beautiful to me or drive down to Keystone and the Mt. Rushmore area. I've been traveling for 16 years now for work and I'm curious to know if I'll be able to see the Aurora borealis from North Dakota. I assume I'll be able to from the picture above. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated sir. @bobcraigprints
  • bobcraigprints@totallyvoidofhate I have been there in mostly spring and summer months and perhaps not the best time ? I never witnessed it but did witness some beautiful night skies. I wish you the best of luck and am quite envious of your good fortune. Enjoy it while you can !
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