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  • scarumPart 12 of the Heroes For Ghosts Director's Commentary! 😊 5 years ago I flew to #Norway to #shoot a #musicvideo (or more accurately a #short #film) for @thegatheringband with their singer @siljewer. The #video was for #HeroesForGhosts, the first track off their new album #Disclosure. The video was shot in just 4 days.
    To mark the 5th anniversary of the video I will share some #scenes from the video & give a #DirectorsCommentary. Full video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6m-zhD8Qh9w #dslr #filmmaking #director @knarfd50 @rrutten
    The #story is over. Silje has finally found her inner peace. The 1st #image you see is Silje looking up, #angelic #beauty against a #backdrop of clouds as she fades away for the last time.

    There is a moment just before she fades out completely, she looks directly into the #camera with her piercing blue-grey eyes & the #clouds behind her look almost painted as they pass behind her in shades of grey. It is my absolute favorite image of the whole #film. I’m very proud of that single moment.

    I’ve mirrored the clouds for #dramatic effect. I #shot some of the clouds in Norway, but when I got back home I realized I needed more, so on a stormy day I #filmed some more clouds racing from my living room.
    In the last #sequence of clouds you see racing past, you see a cloud that looks like a pair of wings (this video 0:45, full video at around 9:27). In the #youtube comments for this video, there were some fans who thought I had done this deliberately as a callback to the ring Silje is wearing as she drives the Mustang (in the full video at 5:17). Although the clouds & the ring are strikingly similar, this was not done intentionally. Pure coincidence. I wish was clever enough to think of this! 😁
    If you look closely at the cloud sequence, you can also see some waterdrops, some vertical lines & a faint orange light. As I was filming the clouds from behind the window in my living room, it started to rain, so there were raindrops on the window. The vertical stripes are the reflection of my curtains & the orange light is the reflection of a streetlight on the window. Hope I didn’t shatter the illusion for you! ☺️ One more episode to go! 😊 #indie
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