@withjuliekirk  Trying  my month in numbers on IG. #monthinnumbers May 2016
  • ikibana_banana@withjuliekirk Trying my month in numbers on IG. #monthinnumbers May 2016

  • withjuliekirkBrilliant! What a great way to fit everything in and thanks for joining in! And what a forward thinking hospital - how interesting to hear from experts outside of treatment rooms. I'm so pleased you found it useful.
  • bjenny_72I guess this is something that we call holistic healing...I wish you Be better everyday in every way...😘💕
  • shutupandrelaxLove the words here Miriam. Understand too. It's funny how when you're "in it" you just DO. And then there is a need to sort it later. Unravelling is a good word. Do you recommend the book? As always, much 💕 T x
  • karbargI find it amazing how therapeutic Instagram can be. What a wonderful vehicle for bringing out/sharing ourselves through imagery and word. We all fight the battles, though each may be different. To be able to find expression of these turmoils and/or have a chance to have a moment away from them is so important. Sending love and healing thoughts your way💕🙋🏻💕
  • lifeunstillMiriam! I have no idea what is going on with you but this sounds very worrisome! Thing good thoughts for you and hoping you feel better soon! 😘💜
  • pegandersenI love your numbers post, Miriam. Such a month you've had. Sending you well wishes for the health issues you are facing. I hope June has better numbers for you. And a big thank you, too, for the dementia forget me nots. I've not heard of that over here but anything anywhere will help us all. ♡♡♡
  • jennifergnagefritzWhat a wonderful post! Sending you positive thoughts and warm wishes. ❤❤❤
  • soar2017Sending you much love and healing thoughts❤️❤️❤️
  • josephina.ballerinaLove your month in numbers posts. Forgot how you used to/maybe still do them on your blog. The blog when we first met! Happy blog! YAAAYYYY!
  • philos_evaThis is a great way to look back on your month of experiences, love it, so creative 😍
  • ikibana_bananaThank you! You are all such amazingly supportive women. @jennifergnagefritz 💕 @pegandersen 💕 @lifeunstill 💕 @karbarg 💕@shutupandrelax 💕 @bjenny_72 💕 @withjuliekirk 💕
  • ikibana_banana@philos_eva 💕 thank you! Your comment is missing from here! I do, of course include you ⬆️⬆️⬆️
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