• baronvonserflingI told her I'd watch her stupid basketball game or whatever the hell if she would have wine and exfoliating gooey foot sock things with me after. #nbafinals #babyfoot

  • kenzers19I want to see the baby feet!!!!
  • nicklong365Beware...your feet are going to peel like a banana bbbbbrrrrrroooo
  • ceasley80@baronvonserfling OMG I have those things and have been scared to use them!! Your feet will peel like crazy which I find both fascinating and disgusting.
  • jkeyahYou guys certainly have a different take on romantic evenings!! Who says you have to go out and spend a lot of money?! Home pampering is the bomb!! As long as there is wine......!!!!!! Love it!! Go Warriors!
  • muanicolefaeTag me when you take an after!!!!
  • mollyfonsecaJuan NEEDS this!!!!
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