• frenchbydesignoh hey you, i need your help in picking a color for my bedroom wall [i want to add some color on the wall behind the bed to add some depth and drama to my all white bedroom.] what paint shade would you choose? i'll be working with #BehrPaint for this project.

    leave a comment below and as a token of appreciation for your input, one lucky @FrenchByDesign feed follower will win a $300 gift card to The Home Depot, compliments of @BehrPaint. i’ll all ears. ready? set, go!
    #giveaway #TruetoHue #partner

  • jjennaoI would choose light green :)
  • followingbreadcrumbsA pale grey with a hint of green Try Behr's "Misty Morn" or "Urban Raincoat" because the name matters too :)
  • bechnotechnoWhite walls, for simple and fresh look. Mix up the accents with cushions and favourite treasures.
  • leneestvadSo many likes😊 This is fun @frenchbydesign and @BehrPaint I fell for the Modish Moss bic-27 I think.. Such a comforting hue and will look exquisite with your bluish pillow as well as with nice light baskets and lush green plants... A little like a Belize Cay house😉
  • salsalove_19I think Slender Reed would be a great touch. Or maybe a forest green color.
  • oonissaooBlue ot maybe a light grey?
  • nozomi.mizueI would choose a beautiful sunset orange. It would compliment the pillows and brighten up the room!
  • jessiemayfSilver Sateen by Behr is the perfect urban gray and bounces a ton of light off! Beautiful, bright, and modern. #BehrPaint
  • aubreymeadowsJust went to Behrs website and fell in love with #710B-4 Quiet Refuge Eggshell 👌🏻 that's what I'd go with. @krissaleahdubois you'll love to help out with this! 😍
  • krissaleahduboisGo bold with starless night!!! PPU14-20d it would be so gorgeous and dramatic!!!
  • kaitlinvanfleetSo like you I am having to paint but not just one room but a whole house that I am building. Paint color can really make or break a room. I definitely would recommend for you @frenchbydesign these colors the first one would be an accent wall which is Oceanic Climate and the other walls should be the Hidden Sea Glass paint both are gorgeous colors from #BehrPaint @BehrPaint. Who knows maybe I'll use these colors in my house too! Also look into adding some coral accent pieces possible pops of yellow accent colors too! Good luck on choosing your paint, I'm sure your room will turn out beautiful!
  • plumage59Light violets seem fresh to me right now, and against the teal in the pillows--Love! What about any of these? Behr Violet Water Paint, Harbor Mist Zero, or Magic Scent?
  • shar_stushnovRaw Copper or Coralette would add some colour. If you want drama try Galapogos
  • andreahutchisonFor big drama go dark blue - Behr Blue Vortex is a rich navy that would look incredible contrasting with white and metallic bedroom accents. For softer drama, I love Relaxed Blue or Lyric Blue from Behr (the names alone sound nice for a bedroom!) They're both a deeper gray-blue for softness but still a rich impact. Thanks for the contest @frenchbydesign - I could use a HD gift to help us with our landscaping project!
  • cezovski9A light aqua color (like Behr's Sea Ice) accented with white doors and windowsills would look really cool, I think. A peach/aqua bedspread would look great with this.
  • kailove07i love the Helium M480-1. it's so peaceful and calm. i would also consider something like Silver Polish BL-W13.
  • frenchbydesign* GIVEAWAY NOW CLOSED * Thank you everyone for participating and for your great input! Giveaway winner will be announced in 48 hours. Merci to all of you! Xo, Si-
  • un23ilariaWhen are you showing us your wall Si? I did my room all white and after barely a month I doubt I'll keep this way for long 😱😊😘😘
  • frenchbydesignI shared it on the blog 2 days ago, @un23ilaria - go have a look, Maya and I made a hyperlapse video of the project. fun, fun, fun! 😘
  • un23ilariaI'll have a look then ... Curiosity is my middle name 😎😊😊😊😘
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