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  • xanthebClare from @achilleaflowers is an amazing florist. It makes me happy when we collaborate on colourful projects and plan shoots together, over a cup of tea.

    I'm joining in with the #wemakehappy campaign, by letting people in my life know they make me happy. You can join in by visiting we-makehappy.com and letting the special people in your life know what they mean to you. Post a message on the website and on June 18th, on London’s South Bank, all these messages will come together to create a spectacular balloon installation🎈
    #xanthefilms #slowmoteatime #makefilmscourse #spon

  • fromclothingPretty pretty
  • rhiannonconnellyLove the colours here Xanthe :)
  • coldatnightAlways makes me smile when I see you have your tea 🌸 I wish I could have a cuppa with you now too X
  • gloria.montgomery.artWhat fun!🌺 I would love to be there with you two creative ladies having fun with those beautiful flowers. Great post. 🌺
  • achilleaflowersAwwww man, I just properly read this...and I feel overwhelmed!! So glad that I make you happy, because you make me happy too! Can't wait for the next play date xxx
  • posyandpetalThis beautifully inspiring tiny video really makes me happy and is a great reminder to connect with the every day pretty that is all around us x
  • kimklassenThis is beautiful.
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