• cybex_globalEnglish 🇬🇧 actress Rosamund Pike was spotted on the streets of London driving her vintage Citroën 🚗 with a CYBEX Solution Q2-Fix in the backseat. Can you spot it? 🤓 #autumngold #solutionq2fix #celebrities #cybex_global #rosamundpike #london #spotted

  • fred_d86@k.epic.chicago
  • thecarseatladyDoes that vehicle have shoulder belts in the back seat?
  • cybex_global@thecarseatlady hi there, even if not in use, the child car
    seat must always be secured with the safety belt. This applies even if the child
    seat has already been secured to the vehicle using the ISOFIX Connect system. Have a lovely day, your CYBEX social media team
  • thecarseatladyWhat I meant is that there is a strong probability that this very-old vehicle only has lap belts in the back seat, not shoulder belts.
  • teddy.talesActually @thecarseatlady if you zoom in you can see what looks like a seatbelt sash. Lots of people get them retrofitted... But it's not Cybex's issue or place to know if that's what she's done.
  • thecarseatlady@teddy.tales I disagree. Showing the use of the product in a manner that violates the instructions and endangers the child IS the manufacturer's issue when they choose to share an image.
  • teddy.talesYou have no idea whether or not that is true. You've just assumed as such to suit your agenda. I always highly respected you and your work until now @carseatlady.....
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