Gas Works park is incredible #industrial #seattleskyline #beautiful @ryunvaldez
  • gabriellemillicentmannGas Works park is incredible #industrial #seattleskyline #beautiful @ryunvaldez
  • noosh_dogI love that you are there so much. I also love there. And want to be there. With you. But I'm in Italy and can't complain too much. But enjoy everything :)
  • gabriellemillicentmann@noosh_dog I WISH I WAS IN ITALY! But also yeah Seattle is bomb. Where is somewhere I need to go before I leave?
  • noosh_dogI assume you've already been to Pike Place? Go to Capital Hill for nightlife. Also there is a speakeasy there (it's kind of pricy) called The Knee High Stocking Club that you should be able to google to find the location of and it is fantastic :)
  • noosh_dogAlso hit up the International District by SoHo for some bomb Asian cuisine
  • gabriellemillicentmannAwesome! I'm gonna do ALL of those things
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