• restoring_radiance|| CLOSED || this girl is always trying to find ways to get extra protein since it's suppose to help stabilize my hormones with my hypothyroidism💁🏼 & since i usually tend to do weight lifting💪🏽 i honestly love this @nutiva protein because it has 20g of protein & they're organic, non-GMO, vegan & gluten-free with 30 organic superfoods! now that's the kind of stuff i like to fuel my body with😎 i used this protein to make mini vanilla protein loaves which are the cutest ever! (thanks @srunsforcake for the idea to bake my loaves into mini ones)😍 recipe at the bottom👇🏽
    now for the best part: let's do a little hump day #GIVEAWAY 🎉 (ends friday, june 24th)
    1. follow @nutiva & @restoring_radiance
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    3. bonus! tell me why choosing organic is important to you👏🏽
    1 winner will get a jar of this @nutiva protein💯 (US only)
    recipe adapted from @doubledosebakery💕 || 1/2 cup coconut flour + 2 scoops @nutiva vanilla protein + 1 tsp baking powder + 1 tsp baking soda + tsp vanilla extract + 2 eggs+ 1/2 cup maple syrup + 1 cup coconut milk || so simple, so quick (& i froze 4 pieces so i can pop them out whenever i get a craving😏) all ya gotta do👉🏽 mix together dry ingredients & then combine in all the wet ingredients + bake at 350 degrees for 15-20 min in a mini loaf pan (mine took 17 min & has 8 sections in the pan)💁🏼 TRY IT🤓 & even better if you cover it in a shell of @essentiallycoconut butter pecan coconut butter & dip it in @epicseed yogurt😋
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  • berryfittOmg this may be the most beautiful thing I've laid my eyes on all day 😱😍
  • mikaylalinnabaryI have a quick question..! So I recently just came back from a church retreat where I tried to eat as well as I could but I didn't do it totally, I was wondering how do you recover from eating a whole bad week of junk to eating healthy again?
  • getfitfrenchieHaaaaaa looks so delicious! You're such a pro!! 😍💕
  • ohmygut_@reginacherise @earthtokira @k_dunc I love my body even though it's highly sensitive and I want to treat it with the care and tenderness it needs!
  • pushupsandpeanutbutterYum! I don't want to add any toxins to my body! @kaleandcarrotsticks @becks_liveshealthy @whenlifegivesyouveggies
  • becks_liveshealthyOmggg drooling lex! 😋😋 happy almost Friday babe!
  • allroadsleadtohealthyThis looks amazing 😍
  • seedsthedayYUM
  • adrianacmarcI didn't know you had hypothyroidism! Super common these days. Glad you're taking care of yourself boo😘
  • adrianacmarc@melissas_healthykitchen @balancewithb @dani_nemeh
  • realfoodologyThese are so cute!
  • cinnaminimuffinYou are amazing, lex! 🙌💕
  • meresnuttykitchenThese look DELISH!!! And choosing organic is the best way to avoid terrible GMOs! 🙅🏼 @clap4food @alycoughlin13 @colbytriolo_youmakeyou
  • thismessykitchenLove your words! "Let thy food be thy medicine" 🙌 Also, just yum.
  • duritsclur@dash_of_dankers @spoon_vandy @princessfubar3
  • jillybree@trealtooreal
  • restoring_radianceIsn't that crazy?! If you have any insight lemme know RD😎😘 @adrianacmarc
  • restoring_radianceHey girl!! Well truthfully I try not to detox or cleanse or be restrictive in any way shape or form! I try to aim for 80/20 everyday to stay feeling balanced and not deprived! So eating 80% healthy and 20% not as perfect! But I just choose good quality ingredients and I would just say ease yourself back in! Just add some more veggies and try to eat some balanced meals (protein, carbs, veggies or fruit, and a good fat) because that will leave you feeling so much more satisfied😘 and drink lots of water! That always helps to flush it out😍 hope that helps!! @mikaylalinnabary
  • restoring_radianceYessss mini loaf TOTALLY inspired by you😘 @srunsforcake
  • mikaylalinnabaryThank you!! I'm feeling much better and back to my routine of treating myself every once and a while!! Thanks for the advice 😊
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