• minkuEarlier in June, at the beginning of a Q&A session at @INSEAD. I was giving Prof. Xiaowei Luo some gifts for those who asked questions during the session. She is Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship and Family Enterprise at INSEAD, and moderated the session. The campus, though small by US standards, is really just one of the most enjoyable spaces I have traveled to in a while. And to think I'd been reluctant to go, smh. Photo: Lanre Shonoiki #insead #mba #Fontainebleau #entrepreneurship

  • honeybunnylivinI love your hair!
  • minku¡Gracias, @honeybunnylivin guapa!
  • to_the_tee@minku I remember this great talk!
  • minku@to_the_tee hi Tinashe! And it was great chatting afterwards. Your uni is so cool.
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