Thank you @escthecity for such a brilliant night of #greatescapes! Even though I made my escape almost a year ago now and haven't looked back since, events like this are magical just for keeping that fire lit under you and as a reminder of just what is possible when you take that leap, especially when times get tough and you battle with the very well known FEAR! 
But I can only echo the sentiment of all the brilliant speakers last night in that the fear of what you once knew and the thought of going back to is so much scarier than the fear of the big unknown ahead. I don't regret my decision for a minute and am even more excited for what lies ahead! 💖✨🙏🏼 A very big thank you to @tribebuilder @symsymo @domjackman @escmikey @mtrinetti @rozsavage @hollytucker @danny_bent @uglyhugh @henrycblanchard Chris Ward, Ruth Anslow and Mark Stevenson. You all blew my mind with your inspiration and your dedication! 🙏🏼
And of course thank you to my fellow escapee @chrissyssilva 😘😘😘 I'm excited for us and all that is left for me to say is #TrumpFace 😩
😂😂😂 xxx
#ArtiDesignsHerLife #livewithpassion #liveyourlegend #escspethecity #getoutofyourcomfortzone
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