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  • shalaghhoganJust so you understand how special our time here at the beach is for me, I didn't get vacations as I kid. I barely got a childhood.
    And although I've risen like a Phoenix from those ashes, it means more than the beautiful Solstice moon to me that my children have this memory. And that my husband and I can weave it for them with calmness, good humor, no anxiety, and generosity to ourselves and them.
    Driving here I said to Mark, "Imagine what it would be like to have someone anticipate your every physical and comfort need. That someone cared enough to get your favorite things for you at the store and cheer you on at every endeavour." He said Yeah, Wow, and I said ,"When you grow up, that person is you. You are your own parent. Whether you are a good one or a bad one depends on how you value your inner child.". You know what she loves, when she needs firm comfort, and when she needs a pass. Be a great parent to yourself and you will reward yourself with trust.

    Love to all of you who wished us well on our vacation. You are dear to me, each and every one of you.

  • josephina.ballerinaEven on vacation your words of wisdom flow. But then, why would they not? Summer Blessings on your Family! 👵🌼🐱
  • lacroixmaison💗💗💗💗
  • mudpieandmagicstewEverything about this is wonderful. Thank you for writing exactly the way that you do. 💜💜💜
  • shalaghhoganThank you so much @penelopelovely !
  • shalaghhoganDanke schön @helenepali ! I appreciate your efforts immensely.
  • shalaghhoganI am thankful for you @claireylove !
  • shalaghhoganTrying my very mindfulnest @live_in_wonder . Thank you!
  • shalaghhoganI was struck by the sentiment of my efforts @josephina.ballerina as I sat on the patio here. How could I not heave them out into written words. I'm always unapologetically a blogger.
  • shalaghhogan❕😸❕💚❕😸❕@lacroixmaison
  • shalaghhoganI can't help myself @mudpieandmagicstew as you can't stop making super cute little beings.
  • teandpaperEnjoy your vacation! Love your words, good reminder for myself, being our own parents 😀
  • shalaghhoganThank you @teandpaper ! I do so hope that any words of mine inspire you. And I've got a special something just for you along with me!
  • teandpaper👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
  • tina_desotoShe's a doll. You're a gem! Glad you're making good memories with your babies. It's vital! Trust me, I completely understand! We are returning to Galveston next weekend, 3 years after having gone there as a family. It was a miserable trip, a miserable summer. My stepdaughter turned 18 and turned on us. The pain is still very real, we just learn to live with it. So we're going back for the holiday weekend, just he and I. I hope and pray it's not too hard on us. It's been a sad 3 years. But they know everything. So, we live with her choices even though she chooses not to be a part of our lives...
  • shalaghhoganWow @selfie_notes Tina, I am sad for you and your husband. I can imagine the drama and reasons. Divorces can divide. But I am absolutely certain that you will make great memories this time just the two of you. Last time we were here we had just lost Mark's Dad. So this is a memory replacement trip of our own.
  • tina_desoto@shalaghhogan we're gonna try...
  • diamondsinboredomWow, amen to this post @shalaghhogan - what a beautiful, irreplaceable gift you're giving your kids. I love "breaking the cycle" stories, and yours is a powerful one. And the inner child talk for yourself as an adult? So healing, and so much breakthrough. Shame resilience at its best! Thank you again for your heart. ❤️🙏🏻😊
  • shalaghhoganThank you @diamondsinboredom ! You put it very well and it makes me happy to hear your picking up what I'm putting down!
  • saffronandsuitcasesI'm picking up what you're putting down, big time. So pleased to have found you in this space Shalagh 💙
  • dawnpearceyWonderfully expressed, Shalagh! I'm glad to see you on a little now holiday - Fiona is adorable. I love that she loves apples too 🍎
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