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  • superhooperorgTip Tuesday: Whether you're making your own hoops or you received one in the mail, if you're having trouble with putting your hoop together because it's so tight fitted, follow the instructions in the video. 😉☝☝☝ As always, we are available by phone and email, so feel free to reach out! (714) 299-8035 | hello@superhooper.org .
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  • dothelolodanceWhat would be the best thing to clean off the residue from grip tape off my polypro?
  • superhooperorg@dothelolodance Rubbing alcohol or some form of Goo-Gone solution. If your hoop isn't wrapped with tape, I would also recommend WD40 but you'll need to wipe down with rubbing alcohol to remove the greasy feeling. 😄
  • dothelolodanceAwesome thanks so much!
  • skylar_on_fire19A blow torch is much much faster
  • melissawerkWhat if it is a taped hoop and blow dryer doesn't work either?
  • superhooperorg@melissawerk No prob! So connect the hoop as best as you can, stand the hoop upright and stand on the inside of the hoop while your hands are placed on either ends of the hoop opening. Use micro twist back and forth while pushing the ends together. You'll begin to notice the ends getting closer and closer. Becareful not to teist too far because you may twist the inside connector too much which will result in a wonky hoop. Micro twist and push force is the key! It takes a bit getting use to but just know that you only have to do this once. The hoop should be nice and snug and flushed together. 😊 Let me know if you need any extra help!
  • melissawerk@superhooperorg thank you!! 💗
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