Summer solstice strawberry moon -- much better in-person ;)
  • neelywangSummer solstice strawberry moon -- much better in-person ;)

  • yam_i_yamNice. Yes you probably needed an 500mm or more. Good that you were able to witness it. I don't think I saw the one back in 67' or whatever year in the 60's it was last seen.
  • astepinhershoesThis is awesome! I love the context of all the houses in the foreground and mountains in the background! I'm sure it looked more impressive in person, but I love this!
  • neelywang@yam_i_yam Yeah, a 500mm would have been great! This was taken with my iPhone ;). The coolest part was seeing it slowly appear!
  • neelywang@astepinhershoes Thanks, Jill! It was hard to capture a great shot of it with just my phone :). The ironic part was that all these people were on the other side of the hill, mesmerized by the gorgeous sunset that they didn't see the moon appearing on the other side 😆.
  • astepinhershoesThe fact that you took that with your iPhone is even more amazing, lol!
  • yam_i_yamLooks like a perfect evening!
  • triciaamitchell"Strawberry moon" - love that description. Just learned that they call it 'Rose Moon' on this side of the Atlantic. :)
  • jadhbeikaGreat :)
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