A tak na elegancko 😃
  • justyna.kowalczyk1A tak na elegancko 😃

  • xluvmyhazxHahahaha funny😂 only YOU think that @haitmann_vip
  • heitmannvip@xluvmyhazx No😂
  • heitmannvipJust look at our conversation over here.I just recking the piss outta you😂 @xluvmyhazx
  • xluvmyhazxYou have ass ache? Ahaha lol
  • heitmannvip@xluvmyhazx stop playing. You have lost this conversation.
  • xluvmyhazxYeah, sure. You problably dreaming.
  • camsmork@justyna.kowalczyk1 you are one to make fun of Therese Johaug!!!! When you did the same in 2005. You have no shame, especially when you have experienced the same horror yourself. Why are you so full of hate? I respect you as a human BUT not at an athlete.
  • emelieblomstedtYou Polish and Finnish people should really be ashamed of yourselves. During this period of time, when the substance of clostebol has been in Johaug's blood, she hasn't been competing. Despite of that you call her a cheater? She is only human and all humans make mistakes, even if this one was made by her doctor. Unlike you Kowalczyk, Johaug doesn't make any big mistakes when skiing, and that pisses you off, you sore loser. Even if she gets suspended you will never be the best. There are too many skiers better than you from Norway and Sweden. 🇳🇴🇸🇪 /The Swede
  • heitmannvip@xluvmyhazx stop being Stupid littel girl😂
  • xluvmyhazxAhahhahahaha jebłam kutasiarzu pierdolony @ranievip
  • heitmannvip👆talk english girl😂
  • sandersaksenvikYou think you look good in that dress? Yes, maybe, but Johaug would look even better in it.
  • jonasvuorma@emelieblomstedt Lol. So if Norwegian uses doping it's all forgivable and "an accident". If Therese was Ukrainian Russian Finnish Polish or any other nationality than Norwegian she would have been put aside a long time ago. Just keep defending her that's what you do. Lmao ppl in Europe are laughing at swedes and Norwegians they always act like they're better than everyone else. Lol.
  • emelieblomstedtThe nationalities you are saying have a long tradition of using steroids. Norweigians and Swedes don't. Enough said.
  • vegard_abseliteIsnt it sad to never be able to be at the top of the podium? #johaug 😎
  • tuggeturkSo damn sexy
  • pirogkatarzynaPięknie.A ten uśmiech uwielbiam ! :)
  • jannujk👌🏼
  • nieudacznyk@heitmannvit - shut up you idiot and go away from this place. I see a big butt hurt in you, after when you called Kowalczyk b***. She should blocked all kind of people like you, because you don't to deserve to speak as a human even if you hate someone else, using vulgars next to this person..
  • kurka_kukuryku_Pięknie ❤❤❤❤
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