#babyfoot not sure if it I love it or hate it!
  • mskristinn321#babyfoot not sure if it I love it or hate it!

  • italiangirl4everIs that a peeling foot cream? Let us know your results and where to buy it.
  • mskristinn321@italiangirl4ever not a cream but I'd call it a treatment. You wear solution soaked booties and 5-7 days later you peel like a molting snake! You can find it on Amazon
  • vivafusionshaircareOh yes I have heard great reviews on this product 😀😘
  • kristingehmAnd so it begins!! Lol just wait sister!!!
  • wendyon1nstagramWe have something similar in the Netherlands. Make your feet look like a snake 😊! I find you will have to hydrate after the peeling to keep your feet soft.
  • swest72766I thought you had just come off the beach and that was sand😜
  • catalina031Just like my art. Always goes thru a yuck phase 😉 betting they will end up amazing!
  • lindalu1919Ooooo. I love it. Your feet will be just like Ms Molly. @mskristinn321
  • msdenisegailI'm sure it will be worth it like a babys bottom your feet should be... 😊 👍
  • italiangirl4everHow are your feet doing?
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