• nk_ceriaI have been thinking about this prow since the first day of the trip, when Stuart carried me around Quantum field, one of the old school sector of the basin. The stunning prow is very visibile, logical and tall with a beautiful and smooth limestone on both sides.
    I quickly realized it was going to be one of those lines that only counts the holds you really need. I knew the game would have been fun and very technical as for the most part of the other lines in the area. The tall and slopy top out made the whole experience even tougher for me. Every single attempt has been enjoyable, every failure built a solid progress where just a little detail could make a big difference. Yesterday was one of those good moment where all the beauties of bouldering come together in a single, perfect and unforgettable flow. "Biotronic" is the name!
    @adidasoutdoor @flathold @lasportivagram
    #bouldering #rockclimbing #livewithoutlimits

  • triebelsphotographywoohoo well done, good send, awesome line,
  • nk_ceriaThanks! :) @triebelsphotography
  • _tom._.tom_awesome boulder 😳 looking forward to travell there some day, too ✈️
  • coma_karma👌🏻great boulder! 😍
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