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  • scarumPart 11 Heroes For Ghosts Director's Commentary! 5 years ago I shot a #musicvideo (actually more a #short #film) in #Norway for @thegatheringband with their singer @siljewer. The #video was for #HeroesForGhosts 1st track off their album #Disclosure. We shot all of it in just 4 days.

    To mark the 5th anniversary of the video I share #scenes from the video & do a #DirectorsCommentary. Full video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6m-zhD8Qh9w #dslr #filmmaking #director @knarfd50 @rrutten

    This is my favorite part of the video. The #music comes to a #crescendo, Silje remembers the love, lust & strife. She sings “A promise at last to call back the past & finish off with you. I’m finishing off with you”. Gives me chills still.

    The #images here are Mads & Silje fighting, making love & Silje singing. I wanted this to be turmoil, frantic & violent even like difficult & intense memories. I #juxtaposed the #fightscene from earlier & with the #lovescene which I saved for this climactic moment. Interspersed with images of Silje singing which I #shot #handheld while wildly shaking the #camera & twisting the #focusring like a madman. After returning from Norway I filmed Silje singing in the #honigfabriek in #Nijmegen.

    A Russian website analyzed every frame of this to see if Silje was naked in it. Sorry guys, the lady had clothes on! It was a bit awkward for Silje (maybe not so much for Mads😜) to film this intimate moment, but they are such professionals & did a fantastic job! Without them I wouldn’t have been able to make my vision a reality.

    The last #frame is them making love, positive over negative. From the black the next image is the polar opposite, the sun. Because of the lens, it seems there are two suns. In the comments on Youtube somebody thought that the two suns merging together is an homage to Natasha Khan of Bat for Lashes. It is not. Now there is only freedom & after the last of the wild water, a profound peace.

    The water you see is the #NorthSea. I am hanging over the bow of a #speedboat going around 40 knots or 74kph, with my camera clenched in my hands nothing underneath but dark deep sea. Thinking back, I’m not sure why I took this risk but I’m happy I did!

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  • scarumThank you very much, @problems2somex, @ericafroodi and @alex_di_leo ! 😊
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