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  • weheartmoscowLive from Red Square!

  • naiyaya18@songzihaoaha💯!
  • travel_junkiieHey Im going to have a 4hour layover at Sheremetyevo Airpot, is this near there?
  • weheartmoscow@chefmikelle I'm afraid you'll not gonna make it, takes a little more time than you'll have, better stay in the airport
  • travel_junkiie@weheartmoscow oh wooow...it's that far away!...Alright, then do you know of anything nice nearby the airport that I could do or nice sites to see. 4 hours is a long time. I'd rather not stay in the airport the whole time!
  • davisgarces@weheartmoscow I will have 6 hours layover at SVO airport. Any advice? Should I leave or stay at the airport? And, what to do during the weekend?
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