Real mom moment. Mother's Day, and we were getting ready for a day of unparalleled boating fun when I-can't-even-remember-what happened, and our plan was derailed for a bit (so standard), and the next thing I know, it's 30 minutes later, and I pass a mirror to notice I'm wearing a crying baby and sweeping up Cheerios, and I never did find that swimsuit coverup. #pagingCinderella I'm sharing another #realmommoment on the blog today: What It's Really Like to Fly With 2 Kids 2 and Under. (And I live to tell.) Do head to my profile and click on the link for some unparalleled reading pleasure. Today is a day to keep on keepin' on. Even if your baby's teething and the dishwasher just flooded and you forgot you have no bra on and you're still in your underwear.
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