Me and my new Bae #mellotron
  • leah.kardosMe and my new Bae #mellotron

  • composer76@leah.kardos do you own this or is the mellotron owned by the university. If you own this, I deem you the coolest, sexiest, loveliest, most intelligent woman on the planet. If it is just belongs to the university, I still seem you all of those things by proxy.
  • leah.kardos@composer76 I'm building an analogue studio at my uni... So both?
  • composer76@leah.kardos me too! I am way jealous. Congratulations. I wish I were not so far away I would love to jam, collaborate. We could still collaborate. Jamming gets difficult.
  • johnprushtonOoh, very nice!
  • bigchancebandAwesome post
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