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  • ussailingteam"Hopefully she doesn't see this as something taking her Mom away... She sees this as something her Mom DOES." Explore more #UnchartedWaters with our profile link! #Paralympic #Sailing @gkr2rio @sunbrella #SunbrellaUncharted @sperry #odysseysawait #passion #dreams #ocean #🇺🇸

  • dana.tkach.gaultMy husband has always traveled quite a lot for business, but his devotion to our now - grown children was steady and true. They hold him in the highest regard and are very proud of his achievements, as I am certain your daughter is of her impressive mom! What you model in terms of drive and commitment is essential for a young girl growing up in these times. Sorry for gushing, but I'm all about us supporting one another...and I'm also living vicariously through you, although I've not sailed anything more challenging than a Sunfish! 😉 Best of luck ⛵!
  • prescottcroninGet it done @gkr2rio
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