• laracaseyThe girl boss movement has always made me feel lots of 😁😑🤔. Being the "boss" is CRAZY HARD. And while owning your own business is a blessing, so is being an employee. Cheers to all you non-girl bosses of there. Keep going, even if your job feels mundane. Maybe God has you right where He needs you to be a light, provide for your family, or use your gifts.
    And yes, I technically own our business. But I am not the boss. With me at the center of it all, striving for perfect, striving to get ahead, striving to do it all, striving to make a name for myself, I crashed and burned.
    I got busy.
    Busy stems from the fear of never being enough. Busy strives, going to unhealthy extremes. If we stay busy, how can our lives be meaningless, right? We are full, packed, booked, needed, scheduled, and pulled from all directions. Busy covers our emptiness. Busy says, I am in control. You may feel the same way I did, that being busy—working at the expense of everything else—is admirable, temporary, and necessary. But busy keeps us from making real life happen.
    My anthem to #theimperfectboss is the @makeithappenbook. If you are struggling with doing it all--if comparison is making you feel inadequate, I wrote these pages for you. Not to sell books, but to help at least one person get out of the pit of chasing perfection. If your marriage is falling apart, I hope our mess turned into our message gives you fierce hope. If you are struggling as a boss, wife, mama, you don't have to do it all.
    "She believed she could so she did" is lovely and instills confidence, but that doesn't last. I know a deeper truth. She believed she couldn't, so He did. I've made every "mistake," and I'm grateful because my falls led me to freedom. If God is your boss, there's no shame for all those imperfections, sister. There's just grace. / Handwriting by my imperfect boss sister @jessaconnolly.

  • holdinglooselylovingdeeplyLove this! I'm just starting this journey into the "blog world" with much to learn but I know God has a calling on my life to reach moms and their daughters...so I strive to do this all for His glory and others benefit...😊
  • katielelliott@leannefuhs couldn't agree more 💗
  • katielelliottThank you @laracasey for directing my gaze to him, you've done that in my life since the 2013 #influenceconf and you've remained steadfast since then with this message 💗
  • allysonjjohnsonThank you for sharing this! Needed this as I've dealt with feeling like I can't do it all and accepting that fact. God is faithful 💜
  • jennamdail@_secalderon_
  • mamasintacones@Angie_melina @siatuequilibrio@shiningbrides
  • lemon_peonyLove this!
  • xo_leahnicoleI 💗💗 seeing this. As wonderful and inspiring as the more 'traditional' version may sound, it's hard - and it is only true for a while.
  • adalmarlifeThank you for this!!! I used to be a girl boss and it was killing me. I like my quiet simple life now. Both ways are totally fine!! 🙌
  • amynicolephotoWhew. Needed this SO much today! Next step - Read #makeithappenbook a second time!
  • messymadesignsLara, thank you for this! I have always admired your honesty, faith, and open heart. You encourage and inspire so many of us! I have the original quote in my office and after reading your post I am excited to replace it with this one! 💗
  • ashev23@kebburke He totally will <3.
  • itssarahelizabeth@laracasey this is such an encouragement! I would love to print it out and put it on my fridge. Is it available anywhere? :)
  • asideofvogueThank you for the uplifting post! I was having a girl boss "episode" today where I was questioning so much. Am I on my own path or God's path for me; am I 'wasting' my life and talents; where I felt like things weren't moving fast enough to get me where "I" want to be. This is a great reminder that God has it all under control, I'm not in this alone, and I don't have to do it all! 🙌 Thanks sista!
  • mkzotovThis quote! 🙌🏻✨ @bubblythursdays
  • bubblythursdaysThis is me MOST of the time . Thanks for the inspiration ! @mkzotov 💕😊
  • mkzotov😘😘 @bubblythursdays
  • dawnmarie17@laracasey you have said words that minister to my soul. I am not a business owner but a non-profit leader and I have been struggling. My vision and call is ALL from Him. There is no reason for me to do what I do unless He beckons me to do it. I too have struggled with the "She believed she could, so she did." I want it to say "He believed she could, so she did." Or even better yet, "He believed she could, so she faced all her fears, closed her eyes, and took a leap of faith only trusting in Him." Alittle long I know...but the reality. I never believed I could...I believed He could. So thank you for sharing. Just want I needed.
  • justforusigYup! I've been living Proverbs 16:9 lately... Not many of my plans have been going according to plan! 😆🤔😕 and while my flesh struggles with this, I'm reminded that "We can make our plans, but the LORD determines our steps." And at the end of the day, I need to submit and align myself to Him. Not always easy for my type A planned out personality, but I'm learning..and growing through the struggle. 💜
  • laracasey#TheCultivateBook
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