A cookie pizza pie on #ChocolateChipCookieDay? Please and thank you! Make your own one-pan wonder through the link in our profile.
  • targetA cookie pizza pie on #ChocolateChipCookieDay? Please and thank you! Make your own one-pan wonder through the link in our profile.

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  • doge11111#reatardsdontstandwithTarget
  • jillian51894@doge11111 #retardslearnhowtospellfirst
  • doge11111@jillian51894 oops slight typo
  • jillian51894@target here we go again. I have seen your stores since the beginning, and always saw the shady bs your stores pulled! Every time I heard gossip about Walmart which btw only started because Walton's kids are spoilt, I would ask my mom to take me to your stores and all I saw was vegan appeasing free this free that, all st double or more the cost of Walmart! To this day I have seen Walmart overcome obstacles such as their competitors and dumb kids trashing their stores, yet they still stand by their values and have done what you've done, but they've done it first! Wash the blood from your hands, target, before wiping it on mine!
  • poorviblue.12Ok can i just say WOW!! ♡ @missmanipenny @thecrimsonjournal
  • ron_mason223@jillian51894 wow....are you in need of attention. Sorta sad reading you stuff. Best of luck, you nneed it.
  • kaitlin.ymmy mom made this but without the choc.chips and the (sauce) was cream cheese icing AMAZING!!!
  • yasmiiiiiiin@vero.esquivel5 this
  • gaychickenstrip@jillian51894 "the rapists" "schizophrenic customers" you have to be fucking kidding me, and you're telling other people to kill themselves. let me paint a picture for you: transgenders are not rapists, they are just as valid as other people, let me rephrase that, they ARE people. so what makes you think you can take away their basic human rights as in using that fucking bathroom. you won't let transgenders into bathrooms, but you let actual rapists into bathrooms with your kids, but there's no problem there, right? I mean, rapists have to use the bathroom too. but why are they allowed to, but transgenders aren't? why does it matter what they have under their clothes, unless you're about to have sex with them, why does it matter to you? if they say they're female or male, that's their business, not yours. how would you feel if you just were denied to use the bathroom. you would wonder what you did wrong, you're just cis gendered, what's the big deal? but to others, it apparently is. so now you're not allowed to do something everyone needs to do. instead, you have to wait to find a whole different place, just because you're cis gendered. it makes no sense, so why are you worried about people who have no connection to you
  • rocioventura16Waoi
  • carysmihardjawe are gonna be the first one to open Target in Indonesia so make sure to watch us be successful 😝😘😂 @keeren_maria
  • hypa.smileyThis look yummy😵
  • keerenmariaYASSS @carysmihardja
  • zipupjacket#frarget
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  • samantha_kuzman!!!! @alexakuzman
  • dbouquet7Yassss
  • caitlin__princeInteresting
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