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  • olatoxicThis short film, my first ever, was shot at the end of an intense but incredibly memorable week of training in the centre of the most beautiful city I've ever visited - #Vienna.

    After realising how hard it was to come across another colored face in a sea of white, I was inspired to choose "Diversity" as a theme and I somehow convinced my colleague, Marco, that we could pull off this entirely wacky concept.

    Now, I can add filmmaking and video editing to my repertoire of skills, no matter how basic those skills are (right now) 😄😄😄 #ShortFilm #ToxicNomadic #FirstVideoImPostingHere #ManyMoreToCome

  • olatoxic@themsnella Thanks Mrs Taylor 😁😁
  • olatoxicInstagram messed up the sound 😑😑😑😑😑
  • shirlzxlYay! Awesome.
  • sheisbokiNice one!! Our bad pikin
  • olatoxic@shirlzxl Thanks love. And many many many happy returns 😘😘😘
  • olatoxic@sheisboki Lmao. Boki, how many of you are "our"? And you know I'm neither "bad" nor "pikin". Thanks sha 😝😝
  • shirlzxl@olatoxic Thank you😊
  • aneeucheLOVE IT!
  • e_v_o_l_v_e_r@olatoxic well done bro! Like how you've channeled creativity in telling a story and passing across a powerful message. Don't let it end here, do you guys have diversity & inclusion groups at work? If not, you may be the answer. No Aluta o 😭, just celebrating diversity and inclusion at workplace. Please send a link, won't mind sharing if you don't mind.
  • jimmyjamesoh😎
  • bemyodaSweet 🙂
  • oyinkan_eFollow back Toks 😊
  • olatoxicTime for a few late replies...
  • olatoxic@oyintoye You're the best best best 😚😚😚
  • olatoxic@aneeuche Thanks darling. It's been ages. Hope you're good...
  • olatoxic@e_v_o_l_v_e_r Bro! Thanks so much. We haven't got "groups" per se, but we certainly have tonnes of diversity and inclusion. Lol. Visit the link in my bio. My last post should give you a fair idea.
  • olatoxic@bemyoda Bless!!
  • olatoxic@jimmyjamesoh 😎
  • olatoxic@oyinkan_e Na wa o. How many accts are you running on this insta?
  • oyinkan_eLol @olatoxic deleted old one.
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