• groknationThis week's episode of The Big Bang Theory was this season's finale - but for an insider's perspective on the finale, don't miss Mayim's newest post. (Link in bio)

  • groknation#tbbt #thebigbangtheory
  • thebigbangtheory.videoPretty awesome
  • leslynmuschTonight's episode was our favorite of the season. We laughed and laughed. The chemistry and timing was amazing tonight. Thank you! Thanks, Mayim, for the fun behind-the-scenes info. Loved it!
  • talchazanovichThis episode was perfect!!! I loved the way Mayim as Amy talked with Mary and all the gang hanging out together . ❤
  • lagoffBoring season finally. Nothing happened
  • rcrose2322Laughed a lot tonight.
  • eliasandragomes👏👏👏👏👏
  • rgbcnGreat! Thanks @missmayim for sharing with us!
  • xdizzyx6353Cant wait till season 10 i love all of them and people like me (fans)
  • susanacairo8530I love the way Mayim´s and Laurie´s hair is more or less the same!
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