Our homegirl is back! What y'all think? Are you feeling her new hair or should she have several 💺💺💺? #racheldolezal
  • betOur homegirl is back! What y'all think? Are you feeling her new hair or should she have several 💺💺💺? #racheldolezal

  • kvng_beejhaeWhite or black. If she fucking with us why are yall mad? 😕
  • 1cocomoscatoTo each is own and I know we are a beautiful bomb ass race but the buffoonery is real because our race suffers in America so for the life of me, why would this chick want to go from the evil undeserving white person to a HATED on, mistreated black person is beyond me. Let's see what she does when she's racially profiled, will she wipe that dumb ass dark make up off and then proclaim to be white or will she just roll with our struggles?? 🤔 only time will tell ✌
  • nate2nastyI think its good shes standing up for blacks.. whens the last time ur BLACK ASS ATTENDED A NAACP MEETING??
  • tiairaj____@nate2nasty lmfao trueeew
  • malikajamilahShe need to cut it! ✂️ blk folk so quick to allow foolishness but you better believe none of us will EVER pass as transwhite! To clarify, I don't wanna anyway just making a point
  • thesalamanderlordWell since she can identify as black I can identify as a cumstain
  • kingston1121This wouldn't happen if you guys wouldn't have accepted light skins in the black community
  • kingston1121@1cocomoscato you right 💯
  • prettyclicheI don't think this is funny because if that's the case can I be white?
  • let.98If she can identify as black can I get white privileges ?
  • novembro_92@let.98 no but how does she get 'black privileges'?
  • let.98@novembro_92 I really don't like her
  • novembro_92@let.98 ok but you said can i get white privileges. But in what way is she receiving black privileges right now
  • dreamchasergio_28Side show bob
  • let.98@novembro_92 i was being sarcastic tbh. But on a serious note I wouldn't call it "receiving black privileges". There aren't any black privileges in America. I would call her an opportunist. It's no secret that African Americans are under speculation all the time. White America has appropriated or killed so much of our culture. She's doing the same but at a much more drastic scale. She saw her Black brothers grow up and she felt like she was connected to their culture in some kind of mentally sick way. The NAACP hires white people, why couldn't she just be down with the culture? She dressed up in " a formal black face" to get ahead in a career and be accepted in a community that SHE THOUGHT would not accept her if she was anything other than black. There is no added privileges to being black smh. Nobody would want to be in one of the most oppressed cultures unless she knew she was going to get something out of it
  • queenbee_fireLol
  • jmt.est.1980@let.98 I've known her in person. And she definitely knows who I am as well. All I can say is you are on point!
  • therealstillphilnyYou think having #jackedupedges is an identifying feature, go fly united 💺✈️
  • therealstillphilny#sideshowbob
  • tishtootrill@christian_emu
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