• realnonihazlehurstBest Mother's Day ever!
    #family #myboys #tvweeklogies

  • lelle_belle1970Congratulations
  • caikioaww congratulations 💕
  • skindeepmelb🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 amazing!
  • aseac_13Congratulations Noni! No-one deserves it more.. And hope you're having a lovely time with your son's on Mother's Day .. 🌺❤️☺️ #logies2016 #logieshalloffame #mothersday #inspirational #noniforPM #wordsofwisdom
  • lizadBeautiful pic of you and your boys Noni xx
  • eatordiehungryCongratulations.@realnonihazlehurst . Loved ur speech. X
  • aligattCongratulations Noni. Such well deserved recognition and I loved your words!
  • 23marjoleinCongratulations!! 😘
  • granny_morganWow Noni you're a legend. Well done. 💥🌟
  • kahlajaydeGot so emotional seeing your reaction to Waleed winning the gold, congrats on your induction and your incredible speech - it will stay with me long after tonight.
  • aptchusCongratulations to a great actress, humanitarian and advocate. It's not just Australia- the world loves Noni.
  • photoaddict555Firstly congratulations on your well deserved Logie last night. I can't tell you how happy I was at hearing your speech!! Finally someone has come out and said what I have been thinking for quite some time. I speech 3 languages and most mornings I listen to the Italian and French news on SBS. The Italians deliver their news much like the Australian news, mostly regarding murders, and it's very depressing. Now the French take a completely different approach. Yes they report the bad news but in a much shorter period of time but then the last 10 minutes is spent on how focusing on something positive happening in France either different occupations and how this affects lives or how Air B&B has become popular just an example. My mood changes after I have listened to the Italian news at 7.30am. I feel a little down. THe French news starts at 8.40am and then I find I mood shifts to more happy disposition. Then my husband (a shift worker) weakens and starts watching our news. WHat you said resonates so much with me. I have tried discussing this with friends but they don't get it. Thanks so much for being my voice on this subject but I suspect nothing will change but having you there to shake them up a little may help. Again congratulations!!
  • lenniloganAmazing Noni!! Your speech gave me goosebumps. Side Note: your sons are very handsome and dapper :-)
  • erin_mcwhirterI didn't get to see you again after your induction, but a huge congrats Noni. Your thought-provoking speech struck a chord, and I hope it makes a huge difference. Was a pleasure to walk the red carpet with you and the A Place to Call Home cast yesterday.
  • rachelmoore.xoGreat speech last night x
  • gerka17If this is definitely your account @realnonihazlehurst ??? I hope it is well then you were amazing last night and you are amazing !!! 👏👏 💐😘
  • brendanmerdzanBest Speech Ever
  • mscandysparkles❤️❤️❤️
  • vintage_poppyvaleOh my gosh Charlie and Will grown up .. Remember from nick and Jo boat days ... What a great pic !!
  • ozgirl911Who grew those giants? ! 😎
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