• nk_ceriaCrazy how time has flown from March till now. Balacing training and discovering/climbing is a precarious deal and there is never enough time to do both as you would like.
    Today another season in the valley has been filed and I am honestly glad to have seen several new lines taking life; like usual, some of those went down, while other ones keep remaining nice projects. The list is in fact already busy for the winter chapter and I feel lucky to have bunch of undone problems relatively close to home.
    This in the picture is one of the three I couldn't grab: an essential, funny and body tension requiring wall!
    Weather starts now to be warm and it is the right time for a chasing winter!
    @adidasoutdoor @lasportivagram @flathold #bouldering #rockclimbing #outdoors #livewithoutlimits

  • bykokokidsuper
  • nk_ceria👍 @massimo.malpezzi
  • santiagosankWhere is that spot? Looks rad!
  • nk_ceriaValle d'Aosta, Italy. @santiagosank
  • santiagosankThanks @nk_ceria keep on discovering! Seems like Italy has a lot of bouldering potential
  • dai_koyamadaAmazing!
  • gripclimbingbravo nk!
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